Geo Barcan is a filmmaker and writer based in Rotterdam. 

She engages with multiple mediums and formats such as video, installation, print publication or web-based. 
In her research she weaves ecological thought and vegetality with media theory. Her praxis is rooted in storytelling and (auto)fiction, in surfacing the miraculous out of the ordinary by working with what is to be found at the margins of thought, such as small or vegetal beings. She is also interested in the internet's and new media's transformative impact on different communities.

Geo works at BAK, Basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht. She also founded Film Mai Aproape Summer School in Romania, a free, alternative visual arts education program dedicated to teenagers.

Exhibitions & Screenings

2023 Melkweg, Amsterdam (screening during Amsterdam Dance Event in collaboration with Yara Said) 
2023 W139, Amsterdam (group exhibition)
2022 Tent, Rotterdam (group exhibition)
2021 Eye Museum, Amsterdam (group screening)2020 the wrong web (online exhibition) 
2019 Studio 3 Gallery, Canterbury (group exhibition)
2018 ICA, London (group screening)

Residencies, Grants, Summer School

2023 (residency) Salwa Foundation, Amsterdam 
2023 (grant) Shady Dealings With Money writers grant
2021 (summer school) Deep Sustainability: Dialogical Action Emerging Institutionalities @West Den Haag

Publications and Texts

Kid of the internet (EN) published by Onomatopee, Eindhoven, 2022
Revista Arta 
Sober Magazine
Dilema Veche 

Readings & Talks

2022 Perdu, Amsterdam 

Film Programming

Palestine Solidarity Screening (December, 2023)  

Cinema Chloroplast (May, 2023)

Pass The Camera: works by Edwin Mingard (March, 2023)

Across the bridge towards the East (December, 2022)   

Shorts to the Point (2020 - 2023)  

Moscow Shorts (2020 - 2022)


MA Lens Based Media, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam 

BA Film and Drama, The University of Kent, Canterbury